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Ready To Build Your Own Fanbase?

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Let us handle everything marketing for you! We will get the word out of your talent to the world, you just continue making the music!

Why DMD is the best solution for you

Small Investment - Huge Results

We make it easier to invest in your career by offering real, tangible results starting as low as $50 per post!

Reach your Exact Demographic!

Our marketing team has over 5 years of experience with social media advertising and promotions. We will make sure your music reaches people who are most likely to like and associate with your music.

Build a Cult Fanbase FAST!

Your Sponsored Post will be shown to potential fans who are most receptive to your type of music. This is the fastest way to grow your own fanbase, from the ground up!

How to Submit Your Video:

Step 1:

Click The "Submit Your Video" button below. NOTE: We are currently ONLY accepting video submissions.

Step 2:

After clicking the button below, you will land on our Facebook page. Click the "Send Message" button to send us a message on Facebook.

Step 3:

In your message, write "ARTIST SUBMISSION" and include links to the video(s) you would like to be considered!


/per post

Sponsored Post on Facebook OR Instagram

We will initially generate 10k - 30k views

Real views. Real Engagement. Real Fan Acquisition

Our social media experts run your campaign


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes you better than being posted on a well-known music Blog?

A: Taking a look at the average "Unsigned Hype" video on other rock and pop music blogs, they achieve around 3k - 8k views. Our average artist feature gets 10k - 30k views. You won't notice many new fans come in from other pop / rock music blogs while a DMD (Dynamic Music Direct) feature will actually bring you fans on your Fanpage/Instagram page. Being posted on well known blogs like The Source or Pigeons And Planes may be good for branding, but again you will experience low views and nearly zero new fans.

Q: How do some of your artist features have 100k+ and 1M+ views?

A: We can continue promoting your post as long as you wish, since we run paid ads to your post. Your initial feature with us will include anywhere from 10k - 30k views. After your first advertising cap is reached, we will contact you with more information on continuing your promotion. You can continue placing a budget of at least $50 at a time to continue promoting your video.

Q: What does the $50 payment include and how exactly does it all work?

A: Your payment includes a Sponsored post on our Facebook page. You have the choice to be featured on either our Facebook or Instagram page. In addition, we will create a custom Facebook Ads campaign to promote your post and place it on other people's newsfeed. Your initial payment will include marketing up to 30k real views.

Q: If you love Pop / Rock music, why do we have to pay for promotion?

A: We use paid Facebook ads to put your video in front of the right audience. If you found us on your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed, we also had to pay for that. Part of your payment goes directly to Facebook ads to make sure your video gets the views we promise and part goes to us for managing your campaign effectively. Where most independent artists fail is they invest money into beats, studio time, mixing/mastering, video shoots, etc but when it comes time to actually promoting their music, they just STOP. Some people stop because they don't know what to do next and others stop because they don't believe in 'paying for promotion'. The reality is, even major labels pay to advertise their artists. If the major labels do it for their artists, shouldn't you do it for yourself?
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